parades of water float by winding sky

rooms of heavy fog lean in becoming one

see themselves dance the surfaces they happen upon

untraceable plunge nowhere from it

in voiceless laughter

blinking and seeing again water sees itself

one eyelid flutters barely open to see it through


^above print is an aquatint i made

Sinking noises in lapsing waters

water waters the forest eats

Eating yourself up

blue spots in the bare passing

When you’d rather be somewhere else

leaf dust flies into the white of my eye

eyeing yourself when

wondering if you do

Do you hear

the ticking heater keeps me from freezing and sleeping


Listen to Former Selves’ In Passinghere. New release coming soon via Patient Sounds

Damien Jurado - “Silver Timothy”

waking to morning

the way you go swimming

caught up in yourself

in the womb of yellow

feeling dragged

seeming dragged

thinking minutes

a door swung open

the most open part of a world

sank all night

becoming distant


hope’s motor even pressing on

through nothing


Damien’s Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son is out next year on Secretly Canadian.

Federico Durand - “El Idioma De Las Luciernagas”

poke a hole in you you’re my wall

yellow in the sun

 in other words hang on

nevertheless halfway downstream

  streaming down the throat

 everything was swept along

had to wait

squawk dealing with outblownness

 sticking out the ground

   a new field

     grandly sat

   neutral daylight like it

  in all likelihood

 it is noon for few pines

  not to be found

  smiled over running water

distant peaches picking raspberries

enjoy it we got to go yet

tumbling on down ancient gold dust

 saying nothing

with the fireflies


El Idioma de las luciernagas is out now on Desire Path Recordings, listen here


Chris Forsyth - “Solar Motel Part 1”

Awake in the giant day

Doing nothing in the giant day

Sitting in empty space

Pressing in the indents in your giant head

Nothing is sitting in this empty space

But everything that is awake

The giant day collapses with empty space in a headache


Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel is out now via Paradise of Bachelors.

The House in the Woods - “Untitled Blacknisss”

The day said “I’m only staying overnight”

Then there was another

Softer shadows on the faded lawn

Collecting dew that doesn’t do a thing

Simply lying down to read

The dailiness

Undoes its buttons

I love to see it re-awaken

In smithereens

On another day


Find The House in the Woods’ Bucolica here.