Dive - Sometime

His palm was a creased road map of his past, his eyes were dreamcatchers, both closed so we couldn’t tell where he had travelled or where he would. A beige canvas, sketched, etched, and refolded again as muffled tones ring with whispery insight. Dive into the creaks and cracks, until they unfold into a road map. Two upcoming 7”s are expected from Dive via Captured Tacks, the first on October 11th, and the second on November 29th. 

His palm was stitched with calluses like the surface of a secondhand baseball. Callused with crackling roads, dirt enclosed. His palm was a guidebook of his time spent across the west. I shook his hand and ingrained in mine were the travels of his road map, whose calluses I could follow if I chose. And immediately his palm was closed, shutting the cover of his travel guide and shutting his eyes as if barricading himself from me or anyone really telling anything of him or about him. They can’t tell so much, if your palms are closed and eyes. Soon after, his eyelids were dreamcatchers. 

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