verb/re/verb and Krista And The Whale Present: Novateur – A Delicious Scopitone Tribute

Collage by Eloise, Photography by Krista:

   A few weeks ago the prolific Delicious Scopitone announced that they would be ending their innovative endeavors. For all, Delicious Scopitone has introduced us to artists through innate progressive intuition as visionaries and remarkably stunning writers. To which we feel their work should be paid a much deserving tribute to as they have enriched multitudes. We (… to be fair it was primarily the whale and the verb) have asked four prodigious artists to write and record song’s in tribute to Delicious Scopitone and four of our favorite bloggers to write pieces surrounding them. In addition we asked the brilliant Nathaniel Whitcomb to create a video to the track Mutual Benefit composed for us. Sounds the slightest bit enticing, yeah? Yeah, check it.

Nathaniel Whitcomb Presents: Mutual Benefit – Stargazer (Video by Nathaniel Whitcomb to Mutual Benefit song can be viewed above)

 As we asked four of our favorite artists to compose songs in tribute to Delicious Scopitone, we didn’t expect tracks that we then responded to with “If we were on illegal substances, our heads would literally blow off of our bodies”. The first four songs (A side, see tracklist below) were composed for this project and the last four songs (B side, see tracklist below) are four tracks by artists whom Delicious Scopitone so endearingly loved and shared. You can purchase handcrafted cassettes of the music, a DVD of Nathaniel Whitcomb’s video, and the album artwork as well the pieces our four ingenious bloggers wrote at


A Side Tracklist:

Ghost Animal - When The Fields Whiten

Steffaloo - A Song To Sing 

Maize - The Road 

Mutual Benefit - Stargazer

B Side Tracklist:

Memoryhouse - Sleep Patterns 

Mount Pleasant - Ghost Extension

Porcelain Rain - See Through

Coma Cinema - Gentlewoman

Download the mixtape at

  In addition to the music curated for the tribute, we also asked four bloggers to write pieces regarding Delicious Scopitone as they have influenced and inspired us all. For this we have asked four of our favorites, Tim of Smoke Don’t Smoke, Mike of Dead as Digital, Tyler of Flashlight Tag, and lastly Jimmy of Head Underwater.

·      Piece by Smoke Don’t Smoke:

When I started blogging, I was totally unaware that music blogging was even a thing. I mean I guess I knew they existed, and somehow filled the pages of aggregates like Elbows and HypeMachine. But as far as being an actual reachable, tangible thing; this was lost on me. And it wasn’t until I accidentally stumbled into it that I was made aware of what a community it was. Made up of people, bros and sisses alike, that just love music and love sharing it. Joining in the mutual connection and benefit of what this strange group of individuals has to offer. 

Music has always been made up of communities at it’s core. And in our progressive at it’s no wonder that a large part of these communities have transposed themselves online. And, honestly, what other community can say they are so far stretching as one that bring people from all across the world into one place?

Being new to the arena, but interested in it enough to pursue it, I did what many people do in a new place: see what others are doing. And as with any form of expression, the best material becomes easier to spot the more you expose yourself to it. And just when I thought I had figured out some of the rules, I would stumble upon a great blog doing new things, taking cues from their own ideas of what things should be like, and presenting something fresh and new in ways that were interesting and irresistible. 

And this is when I stumbled across our beloved Delicious Scopitone. And if there was any blog that nearly perfected the art of “the post”, it was surly the team at DS. The pages of their blog filled with an evident intention of passion, and of delicacy. The consistency of their production and the persistence of their voice that poured support and love over each artist represented is what set them a part from the rest. And it’s also what helped me find my own voice in the sea of voices that fills the blogosphere. And though it is a tragedy that they have hung up their proverbial gloves, I commend them for doing what they had to do so that they could stay true to what all of this is about to begin with. We’ve all had to break up with that person not because they were the wrong person, but because they just weren’t the right person. 

Really all I can do is thank Delicious Scopitone, not only for representing an amazing amount of artists, but for paving the way, and welcoming any and all who would choose to join in the endeavor with them. I was ecstatic join in the same community music lovers as DS, and now I am ecstatic to continue what they helped shaped in so many ways. They will always be a part of what made me want to be a part of all this in the beginning. So thank you Delicious Scopitone. 

·      Piece by Dead As Digital:

My first glimpse of Delicious Scopitone was from behind. Having spent the first 3 months of Dead As Digital figuring out what I was about, posting on vinyl releases by chasing tweet links in the early morning from the 100+ mid level labels I was following on twitter, I slowly found myself in a position of actually receiving e-mails! From artists! Having spent 3-5 hours each day trying to find things that a: I liked and b: weren’t hopelessly saturated, those first e-mails that came through the door opened up a whole new world. A world of artists promoting themselves, ignoring P.R. companies and leaping straight towards anybody that could help them expose their tracks to a larger audience. As I engaged myself more and more into that world, that’s where I quickly became aware of Delicious Scopitone. They were the Verbal Kint of the DIY  sphere! They were everywhere! Every new artist I discovered that I truly loved, they had already posted something on them. Turn around Vs. Consistency is always a tough game to play. Pushing one of those points often leaves you sacrificing the other. However, D.S. managed to be on top of both of those aspects. Immediate turnaround of the best tracks around, with insightful commentary AND sweet pictures all while being just a huge supporter and communicator within the community of artists and blogs that surrounded them. Pretty inspirational stuff. In the year since that introduction, D.S. has been constant ideal to reach towards. Their recent ending was both a shock, and a loss, but the work ethic they exhibited as well as the love, support and respect they showed both the artists and blogs around them is something I hope to always exhibit as well.

Love you guys, thanks for the times.

Mike, Dead as Digital

·      Piece By Flashlight Tag

I could go on a three-page rant about why Delicious Scopitone was one of the best music blogs of all time and how it completely defined the “scene“, but I’m really going to try my best to keep this short and sweet… 

Delicious Scopitone was a music blog, plain and simple. That is the true reason why it is has become so legendary in the “music-blog world” today. It was never trying be something bigger than that. It was simply a site where you could go and find the most obscure and utterly amazing music, of all different genres, presented in an organized and orderly fashion. 

So why did it end? How could a music-blog like DS suddenly collapse so soon? With such a strong following, and massive amount of respect, you’d think this blog would never end…. 

“ Just by listening all the time, my ears transformed, better equipped to discover new horizons. To appreciate sounds, rhythms, and musical universes that were foreign to me, and to recognize that I was hearing something really interesting.” 

-Emmanuel Ducret (writer for Delicious Scopitone) 

Delicious Scopitone was truly an inspiration for me and my blog. It made me excited to get out there and start really hunting for obscure sounds, opening my ears and my mind to anything. It’s been a long journey for music-bloggers, and DS was the blog that really turned music-blogs into a new art form.

I hope we can all continue on this journey and keep the art of music-blogging alive. Delicious Scopitone might be over, but the music and the spirit of the blog lives on. It’s a good time for all of us bloggers to remember that we are doing this for the love of music and art. It’s not about how many followers you’ve reached on tumblr or how many “ Likes “ you have on your facebook page.

It’s all about good music.

I love you Delicious Scopitone <3 <3 <3

-Flashlight Tag

·      Piece by Head Underwater

I understand why Delicious Scopitone closed up shot, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Denial was the first feeling that came to mind, when I found out. I’ve found many great tunes thru the great folks at Delicious Scopitone. Sad they ended this project. Generally Nine times out of ten, I am a man of few words, so here is a poem called Denial. In French.


[Adapt. fr.: Guy Wagner, d’après Mario Bois]

Sur la plage secrèt

e blanche comme une colonne

nous avons eu soif á midi

mais l’eau était amère.


Sur le sable d’or éclatant

nous avons écrit son nom à elle

la brise marine a soufflé

effaçant l’écriture


Avec quelle joie, quel élan

quelle brûlante ferveur

nous avions vécu notre vie: une erreur!

Ainsi nous changions notre vie!

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