Four Visions - Closer

Bullshit cerebral intellectuals, making up bullshit intellectual meanings for the meaningless, for a single purpose - to ignore inhuman obsession with each other as cleverly as could be done. “Closer" is one of two wonders on Four Visions' very recent and very limited tape release.

On a childish merry-go-round, myself on a black painted plastic horse, yourself on a poor excuse for white, we had wept at the romance of the streets, and smiled at once when our shoes leaked with blister blood. We faded like a sordid movie, and were as heartless as one made with more money than we could dream. On one side of our merry-go-round cycle were innumerable girls, just over 100 feet away, tossing their petticoats onto the grounds of empty diner lots. Another 30 degrees around and there was the memory of a deceased squirrel, laying on remarkably neon grass blades. And around, everywhere, a myriad of stolen cars, driven by insomniacs and secret heroes. We thought of ourselves as such intellectuals that for some reason this all seemed to have meaning. Oh the significance of a deceased squirrel alongside a pile of whores, just like that piece of Russian literature that we both only partially read but knew very well how to bring up in conversation. Really though, we were hopelessly enamored with one another, couldn’t care less about such symbolism and cerebral bullshit, but had to ignore our inhuman obsession… somehow. 

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