Loscil - Coyote 

Pain is sickness of the will. Which is why, I’m most proud to say, I’m immune. “Coyote” by Loscil is the endlessly fascinating paired subtleties as found on the upcoming Sketches From New Brighton on September 10th via Kranky.

Burnt first finger at the sweating stove-top. Placing finger under cold water was a secondary thought. Ran the mild finger burn under sweating water. Any pain was sickness of the will. So I kept my finger under sweating water, testing my immunity. It must have been hours. The insentient sun danced the side-step without which the world wouldn’t exist, it looked at me too. The fugitive ashes of near smoke signals skipped the most miniature dust across my window of sun watching. The sweating water ran out due to drought and unpaid bills, and at the point when the fugitive ashes veiled about a third of my sun vision, brutally crisp water pounded my mild but burning burn. That pain was worse. But pain is sickness of the will. So I waited till the unpaid bills and desert drought made even the cold water exhausted. I put my finger between my eyes, looked cross-eyed at the undignified first finger burn, it was healed. I never got sick, that must have been the most dignified thing about me. 

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