Pregnant - I Wasn’t Getting Paid

Eclectic and eccentric psychedelia swells within the experimental hands of the pop genius, Pregnant. Pregnant is releasing his fourth LP via Crash Symbols, the constantly game-changing cassette label. Life Hard: I Try beams with a vibrance I haven’t heard to such an extent for far too long now, so do yourself a favor and order the cassette via Crash Symbols here or download the digital version here

A repertoire of amateur endearment, we embroider the embryo of our enamored enthrall with our anxiously aroused exchange. A repartee of reverie, we muse aimlessly amongst the ambiguity yet to be explored. Eyes wander in merriment, leaving little time to ruminate the exchange of endearment. In a flurry we flee with felicity, fluttering with fervor our feet move too fast to fall into step. A continuously convoluting cynosure seems to simulate centrality. Though blinded by the brisk banter of beguile, we find pattern in what many would call paranoia. Never once do we wonder why our fervent rhythm would be perceived as such depleted derangement. Though isn’t it strange for when we flee we find symmetry?

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