Messy Sparkles - Get Do 3

Feeling Good Forever is Arkansas natives Messy Sparkles debut album. I found that I’d interpreted the album unlike I imagine most would; to which I say as a compliment to Messy Sparkles and only proves the intuition thats present though may not be heard on first listen. Download their tunes for free or pay as you please at their bandcamp, I highly suggest it.

Reminding, emphasizing, a suggestion of what one should do or how one should act contrary to disposition or opposition. Whisper to your shadows to solicit rationalization. With no reply your whisper becomes a weary wail of breeding worry. So briskly it breeds, until breathing beguiles beat. Whisper heard as a warn, a weep. Whisper heard and whisper spread almost as briskly as breath and as briskly as breeding consolation. Whisper heard though whisper wished to remain reserved. Rationalize disappearance and the actions it takes to achieve it. Wonder what good the whisper would have done if the whisper went unuttered. 

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