Chelsea Wolfe - The Wasteland

Frantic fractured fright. What we are fearful of fluently suppresses sanity. Deliriously, synths sing with the deranged sleekness in the vocals. It is not dark, but rather sly and equally apprehensive. Cathartic introspective tracks, of doom and desire. Chelsea Wolfe is an LA artist who’s upcoming LP Ἀποκάλυψις (pronounced “apokalypsis”)is coming out on August 23rd via Pendu Sound. Find more here.

The fear of the dark is most common in young children. Those with flourishing fantasies or amplified artistry are those most exposed. Susceptive to the sense that something sinister is out of sight. The child seeks to see, as the sadistic sensibility is embellished when believed. I knew a child who’d peel his eyes open so long at night. His fingers pulled his eyelids until red around. He began to believe in the revert of sensory. In such fantasy, more elaborate, than a deceptive dream, he even believed he could see even when he blinked. Nothing would obstruct his sight, until adolescence impeded upon his immunity.

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