Hiro Kone - KNIVES

They’d say I’m vanishing, I’d tell them I’m not, how could I be, so stationary. Echoing synths accompany cavernous vocals in Hiro Kone’s “KNIVES”. This track is a preview of what is to come from the New York artists upcoming EP to be released this month via BITTER ROOT RECORDS. Find more at their soundcloud or site

Faint decline, a degeneration of a sense of time. All that is ephemeral, like the clicking teeth of the clock, felt ever enduring. Lucid to them but for me foggy. Gradient gravity, caving in on me. What I see to be so fascinating is that I can see outside but never inside me. I watch the cars whiz by like trains on a childs looping train track, and the people pass by hurried and hastily. Without seeing me, they would call it aging. Though what they don’t know is that I am not old at all. Tender and incomplete, eroded in disbelief. All is long term to me, short term to those not affixed stationary.

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